Creating a HAR record for a session

Sometimes you can see an issue for your site but we cannot replicate the same issue. In this case a HAR record might come in handy for us to diagnose the problem.


Simply go to Chrome.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + i 
  • The Dev Tools  panel should open either on the right of screen or on the bottom.
  • Click the "Network" menu item on the top menu bar of the panel


  • Open the page you are having issues on and wait until everything is fully loaded. Make sure the issue has occurred in the current session.
  • Then right-click any where on the list of items in the Network waterfall and select "Save as HAR with content".



  • Save the HAR file and send it to us along with a description of what has gone wrong.



This will provide us with a lot more information to be able to track down the exact cause of the issue.

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