Raising support tickets

Customers on our Enterprise and Managed plans have access to 24x7 Email support through support@section.io. Our engineers will be alerted to new and reopened tickets and will respond within minutes.


Here is a list of actions that will enable us to help you as fast as possible,


  1. Origin testing
    Try and reproduce the same issue when connecting directly to the origin.
    See: Testing the Origin

    If the issue is intermittent, please test a few extra times for good measure.
    If the same issue occurs on the origin, then the issue should be investigated there instead of the section.io platform. If the issue isn't present on the origin, proceed to the following step.

  2. Save a HAR file
    A HAR file can contain some excellent information that we can use to trace a request through our platform. See: Creating a HAR record for a session

  3. Open a support ticket
    Open a support ticket by emailing support@section.io. In this email please provide as much details about the issue as possible, such as:

    - URL where the issue can be seen.
    - List of actions to reproduce the issue.
    - Screenshot
    - HAR File from step 2

Following the above steps means that our engineer can immediately tackle the problem at hand instead of writing a reply requesting more details. 


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