Changing your origin when already on

When you want to change your origin servers when already on, it can be achieved one of two ways. Keep in mind that in this article we are talking about simply migrating to a new origin, not building a new site.


Method 1 (preferred for Fully Managed Service and Self Service)

A popular work flow that we recommend is to setup a host name such as "" 

Then using DNS to point to the current origin.
We would have pointed at
So the result is this:

Browser -> -> -> old origin

This type of setup is great for origin changes, because it will give you exact control over when the change over occurs. When you are ready to direct traffic to the new servers, all it requires is a DNS change(with short timer e.g. 60 seconds) on your part to point to the new origin. This will result in:

Browser -> -> -> new origin

Should there be an issue with the new origin, you can quickly change the DNS to point back at the old origin(and this would resolve quickly due to the previously mentioned short timer) instead of raising a new ticket and waiting for us to revert the change.

Once changes are made and you are happy with the results, you can increase the DNS TTL to something longer.


Method 2 (Fully Managed Service only)

We are also happy to switch the origin on your behalf. Simply email us at with your new origin address as well as your desired time to cut over and we will switch it over at your requested time. 

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