Pages Viewed Per Session - Page Speed Impact

The engagement levels of users with a website can be measured by understanding the number of pages loaded per session.  More engaged users will load more pages.

Page speed is a major factor in the continued engagement of users with a website.

To understand the propensity for a user to load more pages based on how fast the first page loaded for them, we show the pages loaded per session in each "speed band".

A speed band is the group of users who experienced the same page load speed.  For example, as shown above, 11,000 users experienced a 2 second first page load in the chosen period.  On average these users browsed 7.8 pages in their session. 

It is normal to see the pages loaded per session decrease as the page load speed increases towards 10 seconds. 

While there will be page load speeds exceeding 10 seconds for all web sites, we do not analyse these page load experiences as the battle for page performance and user engagement is largely lost for user experiences in excess of 10 seconds.

The above session counts and pages loaded per session will not necessarily equate to those reported by other analytics packages (such as Google Analytics) as Squixa focusses on pages loaded and sessions where we are able to capture the page load speeds.  At times users will browse away from pages before, or have browsers which prevent the capture of their page load times.

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