HTTP Response Codes

We analyse the HTTP response codes;

  1. Returned to the browsers from Squixa's infrastructure; and
  2. Returned from the Origin Servers to Squixa's infrastructure.  

With this information we can understand the user experience and the source of any errors which may be delivered to the end user.

1. From Squixa to the Customer

We include a detailed analysis of HTTP response codes which are served to the end using browser.  As per the definition of HTTP response codes, relatively high volumes of 4XX or 5XX codes would indicate that the browsers are having a poor (or broken) experience.

Responses from the Origin (see next section) are a contributor to the responses served to the browsers.


2. From the Origin to Squixa

To understand the health and impact of the application on performance and availability we provide an analysis of response codes served from the Origin servers to Squixa.  

Data provided also shows response codes broken down by content type:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. Images
  4. JavaScript
  5. JSON

If one of above data types is not served by the origin this section will not contain data.

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