Graph Drill Down

Each graph with a drop down arrow in the top right supports drill down features.

Highlight averages will provide averages for that data set over the period.  Note that this feature is not valid when viewing data with mean median and 95th percentile information on the same graph as the averages provided are then of those 3 combined data points which is statistically invalid.

Isolate provides and interactive view of the chosen metric over time in addition to a data table summary

Time Shift gives a view of the chosen metric (over the same chosen period):

  • One Hour Ago
  • Two Hours Ago
  • 12 Hours Ago
  • 1 Day Ago
  • 2 Days Ago
  • 1 Week Ago

View Across Time Spans gives a view of the chosen metric for a variety of periods up to the current time:

  • Past Hour
  • Past 4 Hours
  • Past Day
  • Past Week


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