Slower Performance Periods

In addition to understanding overall performance we identify slower performance periods to understand if slow performance during those periods may be an issue and if so why the site may be performance may be impaired at that time.

These graphs highlight;

  1. The slowest 5% of minutes during the chosen period (In Yellow); and
  2. Any minutes where the median page performance was greater than 7.5 seconds (Red)
  3. Comparison of the performance of the site with volume of traffic to establish the performance experience when the majority of users are browsing the site.

7.5 seconds is recognised as an upper limit on browser page load time tolerance.

Quite often the slower page load periods for any website will be during the quieter traffic periods when:

  1. The web and application servers may not respond in a timely fashion as they are not "hot" with cached data due to infrequent and relatively more diverse pages requested.
  2. Squixa's global asset cache is not "hot" again due to the infrequent and diverse pages requested in addition to the disparate location of requesting entity.




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