Why Does my Page Load Time Vary in Comparison to the Test?

The load time for a website will vary against what our video shows due to the many variables in play such as your location, the speed of internet connection you have, the browser you are using, the operating system you are using and even the processing capacity of your computer.

Our test is run using a test agent which emulates an "average" Australian internet user.

The settings we use are as follows:

  • Using IE9 as their web browser
  • Using an ASDL 1 link
  • Based in Sydney
  • Browsing your website for the first time (ie) 
  • With a clear cache
  • We show the median result of a number of runs

Our test provides a comparison of a site with or without Squixa but keeps all these factors constant. It is difficult to compare the test results with what you experience on your machine in absolute terms as every browser has a virtually unique experience.

Our test will show the relative improvement each browser would experience when Squixa is turned on.

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